The HydroSub pump consists of a Diesel-Hydraulic Powerpack, powering a portable floating submersed pump. The uniqueness of this pump is the relative high capacity of up to 4500 ltr/min. for the standard HydroSub and even up to 30000 ltr./min. show products


Two stand alone 150kW, 2x11000ltr/min HFS HydroSub 150 super high flow submersible floating pump units feeding the HFS AutoBoost pump unit. A 500 kW Volvo diesel engine has a direct drive to the main boostpump. Performance 22000ltr/min at 12 bar. show products


The PowerFoam is a sophisticated system that provides a very accurate foam dosage over the full range of water/foam mixture and water/foam quantity. show products


The HFS Floodpump is designed for providing flood relief on large scale. Together with the HydroSub 60 a capacity of 20.000 ltr/min can be achieved and even 50.000 ltr/min with the HydroSub 150. show products


The Hoselayer containers are fully mobile and are specially developed to deploy the hose at high speed (up to 40 km/h). The containerised hoselayers are standard equipped with hook arm facility and are available in different sizes and can be equipped with a hose recovery unit (HRU). show products

Hose Recovery Units

The Hose Recovery Units of the Hytrans Fire System product range provides an excellent high speed, low labour and low cost hose retrieving operation. The unique and patented hydraulic driven double pressure roller system enables you to pick up hoses up to 12” fully automatically. show products

Hose Ramps

Only 100 mm high and consequently can be: Only two meters long, resulting in: A very small ramp angle, allowing higher drive-over speeds. Although the traffic circumstances might require slow drive over speeds, during tests with a middle sized car, speeds of up to 50 Km/h have been exercised. show products


HFS offers a wide range of hardware portable water supply equipment such as; Cross dividers, manifold dividers, Y-Pieces Gate Vales etc. This equipment provides the ability to lay out a complete above ground network in minutes. show products


The HFS mobile water supply system, long-lasting tests have resulted in a hose specification especially suited for HFS system. Characteristics such as: - Lowest possible stretching. (Elongation) To prevent it to be a large obstacle - Short bend radius very important in municipal or industrial areas show products


For details please contact us. show products