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Duo container

On the HFS Duo Container (DC) it is possible to store 2 mini container modules. For example two hose boxes or a hose box in combination with a HydroSub150 pump unit. The Duo Container is mounted on an A-frame with hook arm facility and is available in two standard sizes, 5500 and 6500. Both can be equipped with storage facilities for PWSE in either a low cabinet of hi cabinet. The advantage of the 6500 in regards to the 5500 is the extra cabinets for storage. In the high cabinet version the HRU is placed inside the upper cabinet and this can be either the HRU 200 Power Tilt or Power Slide. The HRU 300 Power Tilt or Demountable version can only be placed on the low cabinet version.


The aluminium door of the hosebox can be used as a step when opened. During hoselaying the opening mechanism is mechanically locked. With open doors the hose can be deployed with high speed (up to 40 km/h).


Special stainless steel protection plates mounted on strategic positions prevent damage of the paint during hose recovery. Due to the special construction and the use of light weight materials such as aluminium floors and roof panels, the hose box is easy to handle. The patented Hoseblocks in the Hosebox prevent the hose from shifting during container handling.