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HRU 200

The HRU 200 can retrieve fully automatically hoses up to a diameter of 200 mm (8”) and is available in 2 versions, the Power Tilt (PT) and Power Slide (PS). Both are hydraulically driven by means of a PTO (mostly used is the PTO of the truck) with pressure and return lines. The compact design makes it possible to retrofit all existing hoselayers with this HRU. The Power Slide is mounted on a rail system and locked centrally in transport position in the middle of the hoselayer container. When deployed the sliding rails allow operation on either the left or right hand side of the vehicle. Sliding is electrically and the tilting is hydraulically driven and can be controlled by means of a cabled remote.The Power Tilt version is the low cost version and can only pick up hose from one side only. The tilting operation is done hydraulically.


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