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HydroSub 60

The HydroSub 60 pump unit consists of a portable hydraulic driven submersible pump, complete with floating device. Outlet 110 mm Storz coupling.

Powered by a 4-cylinder diesel engine. 



  • 1500 liters p/min. at 10 bar
  • Hi-flow kit 4000 ltr./min. at 2,5 Bar (optional)
  • FloodPump capacity = 16.000l/min (optional) Go to flooding page



Stainless steel pump housing, alu-bronz impeller. 



  • Automatic electronic IQAN capacity pressure control, 
  • Engine temperature, engine speed, engine oil pressure, 
  • an hour counter, a warning light for alternator current, temperature hydraulic oil, stop button, hydraulic oil pressure, Security system. 
  • Automatic engine stop function, Working lights, warning lights.



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